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The most balanced products For mind, body and planet


We believe in providing effective hemp products without psychoactive effects. Products that can be used by everyone, especially for those who don’t want to ‘get high’ but want to experience the wide range of healing benefits the hemp plant has to offer.

Everything we apply on our skin or ingest directly affects our body. We don’t believe in using synthetic additives or preservatives. We only source natural materials of the highest quality and each ingredient we use in our products is carefully selected for its beneficial properties.



RealHeal products are an all natural, clean, and effective alternative to pharmaceuticals, that have no negative side effects!


Our balanced HCC and CBD formula offers effective pain relief without psychoactive effects, leaving you clear headed and pain free!


RealHeal can relieve pain for up to 8 hours, giving you long lasting relief that lets you get back to your pain free lifestyle.


  • I started using RealHeal topical following wrist surgery to repair a torn scafolunate ligament and torn TFCC. The pain relief and anti-inflammatory benefits the cream provided allowed me to exceed my expected recovery results, and work through the rehab process without the need for opioid painkillers.
    After the results I saw with my wrist, I continued to use the CBD topical for all sorts of little aches and ailments picked up through training and playing a physically demanding sport.
    After herniating the L5-S1 disc in my back, again the CBD topical cream provided me with pain relief not found using typical rubs! It allowed me to get back on my feet and moving around with significantly less pain and discomfort.

    Mike Scholz
    Centre, Canadian international rugby union player 2009-present
  • My ailments range from a sore ankle from torn ligaments and a sore shoulder from a sublex. The CBD topical rub helps eliminate the morning aches when I wake up and provide a pain-free sleep before I go to bed.
    Regarding my post concussion syndrome from multiple concussions, I find the RealHeal CBD tincture gives me a relief on days I feel “in a cloud” or when I’m not quite feeling right.

    Sean White
    Scrum Half, Canadian national rugby team 2008-2016
  • “Great for pain relief from a lifetime of extreme abuse to my body from motorcycle accidents to years of MMA training and fighting professionally. It takes the edge off my aches and pains. You name it, I’ve virtually torn, broken and strained my entire body so I’m a great spokesperson! The RealHeal Topical works on its own for pain relief, but combined with the RealHeal CBD Tincture, it allows my body to heal and feel great!”

  • “I’ve tried everything, acupuncture, massage, craniosacral therapy, and chiropractic treatments. I’ve been using RealHeal.ca for almost 24 hours and I cannot believe the difference. Last night was the first night I was only up for an hour as opposed to 4 hours and I think it will keep getting better. So thank you and your staff for all of your help and supplying me with an unbelievable product! You have made a believer out of me and I will definitely be referring anyone with this kind of pain as well as a few practitioners.”

    Christina W
  • “I received your samples and have been using it regularly every 4 hours and can easily say that it gives 50% relief, which is more than I can say for anything I have been using to date…including some very strong narcotics. I am definitely going to be using it again…..you have no idea how much even 50% relief means to me. I am able to cut back to half of what I was taking for pain control since using this ointment. I am absolutely pleasantly surprised and grateful for how much relief it is giving me. thank you so much for the samples….you now have a firm believer!! Much gratitude.”


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